Sichuan Province

Welcome to Sichuan – a land of creaking wooden pagodas, ancient monasteries, giant glacial mountains, rolling grasslands, fertile valleys, fiery cuisine and hearty locals!

This feels like undiscovered China, a place you can you join Tibetans as they pay homage to the holy nature reserve of Yading, reflect in moody temples that guard the jagged mountain peaks and get up close and personal with some of China’s most famous and fluffy residents, at the Giant Panda ecology park in Chengdu!

Beyond Sichuan’s sophisticated capital city of Chengdu, the black tile roofs and narrow streets of Langzhong offer a fascinating glimpse into fast disappearing old China. You can get further off the beaten track in spectacular Ganzi, gateway to Tibet, and busy market town set amongst a dramatic background of snowswept mountains.

Wherever you are in Sichuan, try the local hotpot – a fiery affair with seasoned meat, lots of fresh vegetables and some seriously spicy chillis!

The Sichuanese are famed for their hospitality… Expect rock-star reverence wherever you go!