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Pre- university school   

A course has been developed that will assist you to breach the gap between school and University.

I know you can read the Sunday Times but can you read an academic text where the skills required are different.

Similarly you have written essays at school but do you have the skills to write one at University?

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Note taking skills

This course will assist you to take notes that are meaningful at exam time. 

  • Take notes from lectures and similar learning resources in an efficient and effective way
  • Symbols
  • Prediction / anticipation
  • Discourse markers
  • Map of lectures
  • Note taking methods
  • Learning styles
  • Store notes efficiently
  • Exploit your notes for successful study
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Study skills

This course is under development

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Writing skills

This course has been developed to help you to:

  • interpret assignments in terms of topic and frame
  • organise your assignments in an appropriate way
  • use writing techniques that are effective and appropriate
  • prepare assignments for submission
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 Reading skills

 This course has been developed to help you to:

  • read more actively
  • read in a more focused way
  • read in a more time-efficient way
  • read with greater understanding
  • read more critically
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This course is yet to be developed