Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Absence from class Students are not entitled to extra classes if they are absent from school.

Public holidays When South African public holidays occur within the dates of a course, there is no reduction or refund for these days.

Cancellation If you wish to withdraw from a course you must do so in writing at least ten working days before its start date in order to qualify for a full refund.  Any individual wishing to withdraw from a programme of study after its start date will not qualify for any refund. On production of a receipt any refund due will be will be returned using the method used for the initial payment.

Certification & Attendance You must attend a minimum of 80% of the lessons scheduled for the Course in order to receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the Course. Students whose attendance falls below this level may be asked to leave the Course. Students who require visas who fall below the required attendance level will be reported to the Department of Home Affairs.

Insufficient student numbers In the unlikely event Acorn Language School is not be able to create a group course due to it not having enough students at the same time/level, One to One course for a reduced amount of lessons  will be provided instead (20 lessons = 10 lessons)

Cancellation of courses Under the rare circumstances of our being forced to cancel, all fees paid for The Acorn Institute will be refunded.  The minimum number of participants is 3. Refunds will normally be paid directly to the student, unless alternative instructions are given to the school by a sponsor.

Insurance The Acorn English Language School does not insure students against illness, accident, theft, or against any loss of personal effects whatsoever, at any time during their stay. Neither the school nor its representatives will accept responsibility for any accident that may occur to any student for the duration of a course of study, either during excursions or during any other activities, whether inside the premises or outside the school grounds. The Acorn Institute therefore recommends that students take out full personal insurance cover, including medical and any other foreseeable expenses. This insurance should include loss of fees paid in advance, in total or in part, for a course or for any activity that cannot be attended.

Photography, Filming & Sound Recording During the course of your stay, Acorn English Language School may arrange to record, photograph or shoot video footage for its promotional purposes only, both printed and online, without requiring further approval from you. Any student, or parent or legal guardian of a student under the age of 18 years, who does not wish to participate must state this on admission and the same student must state at the time of the recording, photographing or video shooting the wish not to participate.  

Travel and host families While we provide any assistance to you in making travel and accommodation requirements, we do so only as an intermediary between you, the travel organisations and host families. We will not be liable to you for any losses arising from any delays or failures relating to travel and accommodation arrangements. We will, however, use our reasonable endeavours to defend your interests and mediate on your behalf in the event of any breach of contract on the part of a travel organisation or host family.