Courses offered

Courses offered

At the English Language School we use a placement assessment  test to plot each student’s proficiency in the four key language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing when they arrive. This assessment includes a written test and an interview. We use the assessment to place you into the proficiency level group that will best meet your needs.

When new students join us they do a test to determine their ability level in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

At the English Language School we use Headway, the most popular language course in the world.  We offer courses at the following levels:
Pre intermediate
Post intermediate

In each course you will do:Taiwan visit 2016
You will begin by developing basic vocabulary and comprehension skills. Advanced levels will prepare you for college-level studies. The textbooks used range from picture dictionaries for the basic reading course to a complete English novel at the advanced level.
This course develops the your conversational and listening abilities. Classwork includes small group work, presentations, drama, and many other interactive activities.
There are two levels of Pronunciation. The first level covers all the basic sounds of English which the student may be having difficulty with, and the second level goes beyond the basic sounds to include intonational patterns of the language.  

This  part of the course is designed to help you improve your grammar by analysing the structures, which will enable students to improve in both formal written and informal spoken English

The emphasis in this course is to develop writing ability for academic purposes. Students in the pre intermediate and intermediate levels will concentrate on basic sentence structure, and as the students move up through the levels they will begin to develop paragraphs and at higher levels, essays.

We offer more than just class work at the English Language School, field trips and recreational activities add to your  learning experience. 

You will find our teaching style is interactive, making learning easier, faster and fun. By practising day-to-day conversation your vocabulary and understanding of English will be enhanced. You will soon learn the language and the skills that you need in order to develop your range of communicative competencies.  At the English Language School your needs and personal interests are taken into account in the programme.

We also cover language that is likely to be covered in real-life situations, highlighting language use for practical, concrete purposes.   At English Language School you will find a homely professional and friendly environment that will enhance your learning experience, enabling you to work towards your language goals you have set for yourself.

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