Choose the right course for you

Choose the right course for you

At Acorn English Language School we offer a range of English language courses to suit your language needs and skill level. Choose a course that will help you achieve your language goals.

 General English 

Improve your English language skills in an English-speaking country. The General English course will develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well as your grammar and vocabulary. We offer small classes across four levels from Beginner to Advanced. Hard work, intense practice and lots of laughter and fun make this a highly successful and popular course. To find our more about the General English course click here. 
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Business English

Would you like to be more confident using English at work and in business? English is a global business language and improving your English skills will improve your career prospects. Learn the language skills you need for meetings, telephone calls, presentations, correspondence and reports. We can focus the course on the needs of your particular work environment (e.g. government, manufacturing, medicine, aviation, retail, banking and so on).  Courses build on the General English course and are intensive. To find out more about the English for work course click here. 

 Conversational English

This course gives you the language skills and the confidence to speak English in any situation. There is a focus on listening and speaking, with lots of conversational English practice as well as presentations and debates. You will also work on your writing skills.  To find out more about the Conversational English please click here

Academic English

Improve your English to achieve success in your studies (school, university or college).  This course prepares you to use English in a academic setting as well as developing essential study skills like note-taking, questioning, academic writing and reading, and research techniques.
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  Preparation for ESOL exams

Prepare to write English language exams (IELTS and TOEFL) that are recognised worldwide. We will teach you the skills and exam techniques which you need to pass ESOL exams. To find out more about preparation for ESOL exams please click here.  

 One-on-one (private) lessons

This course offers individual intensive tuition – one teacher to one student. One-on-one lessons allows us to focus on your individual needs to ensure rapid progress. Develop your own programme: you can decide on the length of the course and you can combine one-on-one with other courses so you can also experience learning in a group. To find out more about one-on-one lessons please click here.  
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Time of your life (Young learner)

We offer a range of vacation courses for groups of younger learners aged 8 to 17. Practise your English and improve your communication skills in an English-speaking environment. Courses include excursions to beaches, mountains and game parks and you can choose from a range of social, sports and cultural experiences. Each group of six learners must be accompanied by at least one adult.  This will be offered for the first time in 2016.   

Time of your life (Adult)

Learn English and meet English speaking locals while exploring our historic city and nearby beaches, mountains and game parks. Choose the sports, cultural and social activities that interest you. Volunteer at local charities or an outdoor adventure centre. We can arrange a package of lessons and activities that meets your needs and budget.  Only for people aged 18+  This will be offered for the first time in 2016.
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