English Communication Skills Course

English Communication Skills Course

Do you want to speak English clearly and with confidence? 
Our English Communication Skills course will offer you the language skills and confidence you need to speak English in any setting.

What does an English Communication Skills course offer? 
Lots of speaking and listening practice in different situations
Training in effective listening skills
Focussed input on English pronunciation
Improved knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
New skills in making winning speeches and oral presentations
Confidence in arguing your point of view
Better writing skills, including academic writing and writing for business
New confidence in speaking English in class, in meetings and in everyday conversation


You can choose from long-term, short-term, standard or intensive English Communication Skills course from intermediate to advanced level.

Standard course: 20 lessons per week, with recommended self-study and language practice
Intensive/Semi-Intensive course: 28/24 lessons per week.

Elective lessons: If you are taking the intensive course you may request lessons relating to a special topic  interest (e.g. climate change, banking etc.) or to improve weaker skills (e.g. extra pronunciation practice)

One-on-one tutoring with native English speakers: alongside any of our courses you can request additional on-on-one tutoring sessions with native English speakers to practice your language skills.

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