General English course

General English course 

Our General English course develops the range of language skills you will need for academic purposes, career and business or everyday use. Time spent in the classroom can be supplemented with tours, excursions, school and business visits and adventure experiences which offer students the opportunity to practice their skills in real
world settings.

What does a General English Course offer?

Quality teaching
All our teachers are qualified and experienced in English teaching methods that are both fun and effective.

Practice listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
Focussed lessons on pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary
We use New Headway English as a foundation course supplemented by teacher-developed materials, internet resources and interactive games
Emphasis on modern English for everyday use in the real world
Tours, excursions, school and workplace visits and adventure experiences all offer opportunities for further language practise.


Range of levels
Lessons are offered at six levels, from Elementary to Advanced
Mix and match levels: If you are stronger in some language skills than others we offer specialised teaching at the levels suited to your needs.  For example you can do Reading and Writing classes at the Intermediate level while doing Elementary Listening and Speaking.

You can choose from long-term, short-term, standard or intensive General English courses from elementary to advanced level.
Standard course: 20 lessons per week, with recommended self-study and language practice
Intensive/Semi-Intensive course: 28/24 lessons per week.

Elective lessons: If you are taking the intensive course you may request lessons relating to a special interest (e.g. climate change, banking etc.) or to improve weaker skills (e.g. extra pronunciation practice)
One-on-one tutoring with native English speakers: alongside any of our courses you can request additional on-on-one tutoring sessions with native English speakers to practice your language skills.

Starting Date:    Any Monday (except South African Public Holidays)
Class size:         Maximum 6
Class levels:      Beginners to Advanced
Minimum Age:    16 years

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