Learning English in South Africa

Learning English in South Africa

Found at the southern tip of the African continent, South Africa has a wonderful climate, world-class facilities, incredible natural beauty and a very favourable exchange rate for visitors.

Our diverse country has something for everyone: bustling cities, quiet game parks, historical villages, sandy beaches, mountain ranges, deserts, forests and even an internationally renowned wine industry.

Our ‘Rainbow Nation’ is home to a range of colourful and unique cultures which have come together to establish a vibrant democracy. All of this is offered with South African warmth and hospitality.

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Read more about South Africa in Lonely Planet guide English is the language most spoken in South Africa, although most South Africans speak two or more languages.

English language teaching therefore plays an important role in our country as we prepare citizens who speak a range of home languages to learn, study, work and conduct business in English.

Acorn English Language School methods and materials for English language teaching are constantly updated and improved in line with the latest research.

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