Why learn English in Grahamstown?


Why learn English in Grahamstown?

Grahamstown is the smallest, safest city in South Africa. It claims the title ‘city’ because it is home to Rhodes University, an Anglican cathedral and the regional High Court. In every other respect it is a small town where history has been preserved in its architecture and layout. And it is quite a history! However, it is now an educational centre of excellence for the Eastern Cape Province and the more than 8000 out-of-town scholars and students who swell its numbers during term time bring a vibrancy and energy that is firmly located in the 21st century.

Rhodes University attracts students from across the African continent and around the world. At present it is home to students from about 70 countries.  The local Grahamstown community is therefore used to welcoming students from a range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds to the town. In fact, Grahamstown is good at welcoming all visitors. Each year the city hosts the National Arts Festival (late June/early July) and a large Science Festival (March) both of which bring thousands of people to our town from around the world.  In between there are numerous conferences, workshops, eisteddfords and performances involving national and international visitors.

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Also known as the ‘city of saints and sinners’, Grahamstown celebrates a rich religious diversity as well as a thriving nightlife with many pubs, restaurants and clubs to choose from. Grahamstown is situated 120 km outside of Port Elizabeth which is 1hr and 30min flying time from either Cape Town or Johannesburg. We are 60 km inland from the seaside holiday resorts of Kenton on Sea and Port Alfred. Travelling on any of the roads in the area you stand a chance of seeing a range of wildlife from antelope, zebra, giraffes, elephants and even the occasional lion (all behind sturdy game fences, of course). Your study package at Acorn English Language School can include a variety of excursions and tours to places of beauty and interest in the area. For the more adventurous students there are outdoor activities ranging from golf and tennis to surfing and abseiling. Every adventure is also an opportunity to practise your English!