Student Information

Student information


Requirements for an Entry Visa into South Africa vary from country to country. You can get the most up to date information on visas from the South African Department of Home Affairs. Students should apply for a visa before they leave their country of residence. It is easiest to obtain a 90 day visitor’s visa which can then be renewed for a further 90 days. If you wish to enter on a study visa you will need proof from the English Language School that you have paid your fees in full and a letter confirming that you are going to study with us. In the case of visa refusal, a full refund will be made if you provide the letter of refusal issued by the embassy at least 14 days before departure. In case the visa has not yet been issued 15 days before departure, we strongly recommend you postponing the course. We will gladly assist you to extend you visitor’s visa or change the conditions of your visa.

Medical insurance

Students must have valid travel and health insurance during their stay. It is best if this is purchased in your home country. But if this is not done we will assist you to get insurance.

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Airport transfers

If you like, a professional driver will be waiting for you, holding a board to identify themselves, at Port Elizabeth International Airport. You will be taken directly to your accommodation where you will be welcomed by your host or a staff member from the English Language School. The following day your host or a staff member from The Centre, will personally bring you to school.


From when you land at Port Elizabeth airport we will try our very best to make your stay as easy as possible. At the school we will show you around our building and facilities and give you an information pack about the school and town. In addition we will take you to the University, bank, nightclubs, coffee shops and restaurants

Social programme

If you wish we will arrange for you to do the activities that are described under student life.