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Ann Smailes

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My 13 years of experience teaching English at all levels and two years of teaching French as a foreign language means that you are in good hands in the language classroom.

I have an Honours Degree in Linguistics and English Language Teaching and a Higher Diploma in Education, which guarantees that the English you will learn is correct and taught in a way that is easy to understand.

I also work at Rhodes University in The Institute for the Study of English in Africa and teach English language teachers who wish to upgrade their qualifications from a diploma to a university degree.

Over my long career in English teaching I have worked with learners from a range of different cultures and backgrounds – meaning that you will be met with sensitivity and acceptance

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I have written English for Success Grade 7 and Grade 9, as well as the English reader, The Second Worst Thing.  All three of these books are used in schools in South Africa.

My experience in preparing learning materials translates into fun, easy-to-understand and very effective lessons. I am able to meet your educational needs and help you improve your English writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

English for success grade 9   English for success grade 7   The second worst thing


Carey Finn-Maeda

 Carey Finn editedI know how to tailor my English lessons to meet the needs of my students – whether that is conversation, pronunciation, writing or any other language skill. I am friendly but serious enough that studies take place effectively. I enjoy learning about other countries and cultures and am always thrilled to meet people from abroad. 

I am both a teacher and a writer and my work has been published in a variety of places.

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I completed a BA degree in Media and Law at the University of Cape Town in 2006 and then studied further, finishing an Honours degree in Media Studies in 2007. After working as a writer and editor for two years I moved to Japan, where I lived and worked in Osaka and then Tokyo. I taught reading, writing, oral communication and global topic studies at a public high school, as well as discussion classes at Rikkyo University, – I have no age preference. 

I speak three languages and love eating out, sports and music. I am a friendly person who loves to laugh but also knows how to study seriously.

When I am not teaching or writing, I love to do sport, drink tea and watch movies.


Ruth Woudstra

hkg_Ruth jpeg 1I have two Master’s degrees, and enjoy balancing academic learning with teaching, writing and travelling. My strong educational background guarantees you a professional English learning environment.

After acquiring a CELTA certificate in Cambridge in the UK, I taught foreign students at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

My English teaching experience further ranges from conversational English and ESL lecturing in Japan, and high school teaching and lecturing Academic Development in South Africa. My wide range of experience allows me to effectively teach students from all different backgrounds and situations.

I speak six languages, so I understand the challenges of learning a foreign language – and can give you tips on how best to do so! I enjoy interaction with a wide variety of people, so you will be able to talk about your culture openly with me.

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What I enjoy most about teaching, is connecting with individuals.  In my experience, this is what learners enjoy and appreciate the most, too. Teaching and learning from students from other countries is an enriching experience for both parties.

In my lessons, I combine a little bit of grammar, vocabulary and listening with the main focus: conversation practice.

With a background in teaching toddlers, children, teenagers and adults, I am confident that I can offer you an experience characterised by personal interaction, earnest learning, and fun.

English teaching is one of my passions, and something I have done for over seven years. I taught English First Language to mainly second language speakers at Victoria Girls’ High School for three years. For the past year, I have also taught Academic Literacy to Foundation Phase teachers doing their education degree part time through Rhodes University. Prior to that, I taught English at a conversation school in Fukuoka, Japan, for almost three years, and spent one year teaching English part time at Kyusan University in the same city. My first EFL teaching experience kicked off at the University of Pretoria, where I taught for a year and a half.

I was born to study, I enjoy studying and seem to have spent a great deal of my life in the classroom. I would love to help you learn English!


Helen Holleman

I am a CELTA-qualified teacher with a BA in English and ten years’ experience of teaching English in Taiwan.

I am passionate about teaching and have taught all levels of English from Beginner to Advanced, and have taught all ages, from classes of young children (5-6 years old) to post-graduate students and one-on-one sessions with corporate clients.

My extensive career in English teaching ensures you will receive top-quality, well-planned lessons. I can easily tailor lessons to different age groups, proficiency levels and interests.

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I am also the author of books on exhibition English, public speaking, and I write for a Taiwanese company. This allows me to give you professional advice on English communication strategies.

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